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Ministry simply means “service.” As Christ Himself is the Servants of Servants, we too are eager to serve (or minister) to others (Philippians 2:5-8). The ministries below are some of the vehicles through which we live out the principles of the “Five W’s.” 

  • Music Ministry: The Music Ministry works in conjunction with the elders to ensure that both the worship music and any music used in the church, glorifies God and strengthens the congregation. 

  • Evangelism and Outreach Ministry: The Evangelism and Outreach Ministry works to help the congregation bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the local community. 

  • Diaconal Ministry: The Diaconal Ministry works in conjunction with the deacons to better understand how to care for the poor and needy, both within the congregation and in the local community.

  • Digital Ministry: The Digital Ministry works to understand how the church can fulfill its mission through the use of technology. 

  • Children’s Sunday School Ministry: The Children’s Sunday School Ministry works in conjunction with the elders and the parents of the church to educate her children in the basic beliefs of the Christian Faith.  

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