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Youth Fellowship

We believe that youth, ages 7th grade through 12th grade, are eager to grow and embrace opportunities that challenge them to demonstrate newly found skills that they develop as they mature. Our focus on youth at Veto Presbyterian Church is to equip them to develop enduring relationships with one another as well as our congregation of adults who endeavor to mentor them in Christian service. To that end our youth have the opportunity to do many things.

  • Youth Fellowship - Youth meet in our church fellowship hall every Saturday from 5:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. Our volunteer adult youth leader helps the youth to learn about their faith in Christ by giving each youth an opportunity to lead a devotional. The youth enjoy pizza, have games, and plan youth periodic excursions to an amusement park, and other venues that provide wholesome activities for youth. Follow the calendar of events for more information about upcoming youth activiets.

  • Music - Youth are encouraged to join in the adult choir activities of the church.

  • Missions - Each year a summer youth mission trip is planned where the youth can practice their Christian service in practical ways. These youth mission trips are weeklong summer excursions to places where the youth use new skills to build, paint, lead Bible School, and do many other mission activities. Each mission trip offers a unique opportunity to experience different locales away from home and utlize new skills in service to God.

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